Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The @#%@& dentist

So I went to the dentist yesterday and had a horrible experience the numbing med. didn't work so the dentist started to drill and let me tell you if I was being interrogate I would certainly talk.  But thanks to a hug from Dad, some motrin and a little nap I felt better by the end of the day.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


he's got a point.   but i am cuter.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Beth is a LOT cuter.

Theo:  What would happen if you had 10 babies at once?
Me:  Well, I guess you would have to be an opossum or something- they have a lot of babies at once.
Theo, thinking: Oh.  I guess Beth must be one of those.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Today I Googled 'Climate in Thailand.'  Here's what it said:

"Bangkok has a tropical monsoon climate and the highest average temperature of any city in the world.  Since Thailand experience high temperature and high humidity, Bangkok, the capital city of it remains the same all year round.  The climate of Bangkok can be divided into two key parts, wet and dry, however, some add cool season noticing some weather variation.

Rainy Season
In Bangkok, the rainy season really picking up in June. Since this is 'wet season', tourists will witness plenty of sunshine. Moreover, rain can sometimes come to release the dwellers from the temperatures that stand in the high 30s.

Cool Season
Although the temperatures scarcely vary greatly from month to month, the experienced tourists believe October through until February is probably the best time to travel Bangkok.  There occur occasional shower and gentle wind that provide a break from the heat.

Dry Season
November to February is the driest time in Bangkok and this is also a popular time to travel Bangkok. This combined with high humidity means that it can be somewhat uncomfortable at times. During this time, weather will show extreme temperature."

So, to sum up, Bangkok is the same all year round, except for the rainy season when there is the most sunshine.  Oct through Feb is the 'cool season', except for Nov through Feb when there are extreme temperatures.

Sounds nice.  So why am I having flashbacks of being hot and sweaty?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the truth hurts

So Tarrin has this bear that sings the song "Jesus loves me this I know..."
Arianna and her were in the other room and I hear Tarrin sing it this way, "Jesus loves me more than you."

Monday, April 8, 2013

25 last words

In conference one of the speakers told of a man who was in prison and was allowed to write home but was told he could only write 25 words. I thought about what I would say also I thought this entry was appropriate considering Carrie might not come back from Thailand. So funny or serious what would you say? (commas and periods don't count )

Sarah:  I love you be good, kind, laugh, play. I know the church is true. Having sisters is great. There's always money in the piggy bank.

Claire: I love you all. Think of me fondly. Enjoy the wildflowers and spring thunderstorms. Rachel, I forgive you. I love you, Gordon! Go, baby, go!

Beth: (this is hard!  like choosing a tatoo..)  tim. babies. family. work hard. eat good food. i love the word of God.  fear not.  be nice.  stuff doesn't matter... in a good way.

Vivian: I'm sorry for always trying to get out of folding the laundry.  If I ever get out of here, I'll fold all of your socks forever.

Carrie:  I told you I was sick. I swear I did not know that shirt was in my suitcase. Can I go back to bed now?

Rachel:  Why didn't I listen to Vivian? Why didn't I listen to Vivian? Why didn't I listen to Vivian? Why didn't I listen to Vivian? Why...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Penultimate Will and Testament

I, Carrie, being of sound mind and about to move to a hot place, do hereby will and bequeath these items mentioned below to those sisters found most deserving of such, until such time as I shall require the use of said items again in the future, or until items become lost or broken.

To Beth:
 my scarf collection,  one fleece blanket, and continuing use of my snowshoes.  Wait, or does Viv have those?

To Sarah:
two down comforters and one box of long matches.

To Claire:
my cherished collection of Smartwool socks, for her use in covering half, or all of her foot, as she so chooses.  Please do not shred them.

To Vivian:
my queen-sized heated mattress pad with dual side controls.  It goes up to 11.  Also my children and all of our money if anything happens to me and Chris.

To Rachel:
my long black dress coat and the black/red/white afghan that she made for me. Also, quite possibly a tent and a lot of other stuff.

Use them warmly, and think of me.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Remember when someone called me "bubbly"?

Last night we had the missionaries over for a brief visit. We hadn’t really gotten to know them, yet, so we were having some introductory small talk. 

On the early side of things, it came up that Gordon usually likes to hang in the background, doesn’t enjoy talking to strangers, is generally quiet, etc.

A few minutes later, I was saying something about my job, and a conversation at work about something. One Elder says, “Oh, wow. I can tell you’ve got spunk! I guess you two really balance each other out! Gordon’s really calm and quiet and shy, and you…” (and he just gestures at me.)

My mouth dropped open, and Gordon just started giggling really hard.

I may have to rethink how I portray myself to the world.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


The other day, Chris said to me, "Your morning look is part Amy Winehouse, part Buckwheat."

Wait, in a good way?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Losing Theo

It was a fine, sunny day when Sydney, Lucy and Theo headed across the street to play in the creek that runs through the neighborhood.  This made me very happy, as I have great memories of traipsing around in the creek by our house as a kid.  About 20 min later, Theo came busting back through the door, racing for the bathroom.  When he was done and on his way back out, I cautioned him about crossing the street.  "Look BOTH ways, right?"  Of course, Mom.

About 40 minutes later it was time for dinner and Rachel went to call them in.  Sydney- check. Lucy- check.  Theo-  where's Theo?  No Theo. "We thought he stayed inside after he went to use the bathroom."
Wait, no one has seen Theo for forty minutes?

A jumble of thoughts in my head.  Drowned?  The creek is pretty low.  Abducted?  He is pretty cute, and he was by himself.  But sooo unlikely, right?  Hiding?  He wasn't pouting, and 40 min is a long time for a 5 yr old to hide.  So we start calling and walking the streets.  I call my neighbor to help us look.  I think about when to call the police.  Rachel turns on her 'hunting for small animals' spidey sense and heads back down to canvas the creek.  Sydney and Lucy make a lot of disclaimers.

In a few minutes, I see a fancy car come around the bend at the far end of the street, driving more slowly than cars usually do.  It stops near someone walking their dog, then starts slowly again.  Suddenly I'm pretty sure this has something to do with us...and sure enough, there is Theo, sitting in the passenger seat.  A nice lady had noticed him sitting in some bushes on the side of the road.  She said their conversation went like this:

Lady:  Are you lost, little boy?
Theo:  Yes.  Yes I am.

Here's my post-game analysis:

Good: Theo is still alive and living in our house.  He kind of knew his address.  He was smart enough to talk to an adult to get some help. The adult could understand him.  Also, I was actually looking for him by the time the stranger brought him home, which seems better than the other option.

Bad: I am going to have to watch the kids more closely, as this is the second time I've lost a kid in 2 weeks.  Also, I realized I'd never had the 'getting into a car with a stranger' talk. ("It was a good idea today, but usually would be a bad idea.")  Also, he said, "She told me she was a nurse, so I knew she wasn't a robber."  Hmmm.