Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Blog Post, Adrest to Vivi.

Before I went to college, I paid almost no attention to my younger sisters. I didn't play with them.  I didn't babysit them. I don't even remember talking to them, except to get mad at them for eating my stuff. As far as I was concerned, they ran in a pack that ideally didn't involve me at all.

Then, one day as I was packing to leave for college, Viv came in to my room and handed me this note:

Maybe it was the glitter glue.  Maybe it was the "Me sad," with arrow picture. Maybe it was just remembering that I even had a little sister named Vivian, but the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day.  I vividly remember sitting on my bed and looking at that note and thinking, "I have been a bad sister. I should be a better sister. What if we all grew up to be friends?  That would be sort of cool."

And I actually think things changed after that.  I invited them to come and stay with me for weekends.  I played 'bear cave' with little Rachel when I came home to visit.  I talked to Beth about the Beatles. OK, I might have punched Sarah, but in general I was trying.  And maybe we all would have grown up to be best of friends anyways, but I'm not so sure.  For me, it started with this note.  Thanks, V.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Survey Says!

1.  What is the story, as you understand it, of how mom and dad picked your name, or who are you named after?
C - I think Mom and Dad both liked the name because it sounded sweet and old-fashioned. I think the runner-up name was Robin
B - although dad tried to deny it when i was little - grandma ashby.
S - I'm not sure I don't think I'm named after anyone and I think mom and dad just liked the name they had never heard the name Sarah before
Cl - I think it was inspired by an Art Garfunkel album, Angel Clare. And I'm also pretty sure it was Dad's idea, at the last minute.
V - It was down to Valerie and Vivian, and Dad asked Carrie which she preferred. Carrie said, "she looks more like a Valerie but I like the sound of Vivian better". Dad replied, "Well, we had better name her Vivian then, because she won't look like that forever".
R - I came home from the hospital named Margaret. Then Dad came home one day and proclaimed that wasn't right, and wrote the name Rachel across the chalkboard.
J - I was named after my grandfather, Jerry Orlando Mortensen.
Ch - I was named after my uncle.
G - My parents chose my name because it's a very good name. 

2. What is your favorite lunchmeat?
C - Pastrami, but only if it's in a reuben sandwich.
B - does bacon count as lunch meat?  if not, i have become fond of a good pastrami. 
S - ham
Cl - Ham
V - Smoked turkey
R - Bacon totally counts.
J - Salami
Ch - Salami
G - Prosciutto

3. Would you sky dive, or bungee jump, if you had the chance? Why or why not?
C - Hell no. Because bungee jumping is uncomfortable and skydiving could kill you.
B - moot point.
S - no
Cl - Probably, yes. It's never really been a dream of mine, but I think I'd appreciate the experience.
V - No.
R - I would definitely bungee jump, but it might take some peer pressure to get me to skydive.
J - I would rather skydive than watch Twilight.
Ch - I would skydive but not bungee jump.
G - No. I have a hard enough time with roller coasters.

4. Who do you miss the most right now?
C - You are my favorite princess.
B - theo.  
S - everyone
Cl - How about Amanda Ball?
V - Dad
R - Mom
J - Michael Brecker
Ch - Johnny Cash
G - Claire

5. Name two of your minor super powers.
C - Telling stories and remaining calm
B -  pizza crust and  meeting new people
S -  ? (maybe movie quotes? -claire)
Cl - Placing smells, and finding information on the World Wide Web.
V - Acquisitions and depositions
R - Catching small animals, and packing.
J - Asking for money back on the phone, and metabolizing chocolate.
Ch - Feeding myself in foreign cities, and knowing where universities are located.
G -  Cleaning my plate and singing loudly. (Note from Claire: It's true- he can sing really loud)

6. Do you like your handwriting?
C - I have no feelings about this.
B - nope
S - ya it's fine
Cl - I like it as long as it's just me reading it.
V - Which one?
R - I like two out of my four.
J - When I type.
Ch - N/A
G - Yes. Very much.

7.What chore do you hate doing?
C - Carrying the laundry down the basement steps
B - i hate washing dishes, but the floor is my nemesis.
S - hanging up my clothes
Cl - Cleaning counters, apparently.
V - Folding socks that don't all match up.
R - Unclogging the drain
J - Brushing my kids' teeth
Ch - I hate answering online surveys.
G - Washing walls.

8. Name an event or memory that first made you feel like an adult.
C - When I was in college, I helped a kid on the beach and their mother said, "say thank you to the nice lady".
B - getting married.  it felt like tim and i were on our own.
S - buying a car
Cl - Buying a full-size bed.
V - Having my own nameplate at my office at work. 
R - N/A
J - Getting called 'sir' by people at hotels and restaurants
Ch - Buying a house
G - N/A

9. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
C - Pull Theo off of my head
B - re-messy bun my hair
S - open the door. If kids are not coming I eat breakfast
Cl - Are you kidding?? Go to the bathroom.
V - "Get. Out. Of. My. Room."
R - hit the snooze.
J - Play dead and hope everyone leaves
Ch - Curse the cruel fates.
G - Make sure no one's tampered with my gun.

10. What is the next thing you are looking fwd to?
C - Bed
B - Seeing the rees' baby.
S - Jones Bar and Rachel coming
Cl - Thanksgiving food.
V - Cutting a Christmas tree
R - Playing with Gwen in the morning
J - Getting a new computer
Ch - Brined turkey
G - Oil change

11. Have you ever made jello?
C - But of course
B - oh yes.
S - yes
Cl - Yes, sir.
V - Yes
R - Probably?
J - No. Why?
Ch - Yes
G - Yes

12. When did you learn how to iron (or did you ever)?
C - The kids found the iron when we moved and asked me what it was
B - tim's mother.  after measuring me and finding me wanting, took me in and taught me lots of things like that-  a mrs. lawrence boot camp.
S - yes I learned I think mom showed me but I don't do it
Cl - Just by watching Mom, I guess.
V - Mom taught me in high school, but I've given up on it
R - I sometimes use a hair straightener on my clothes, does that count?
J - Mission
Ch - High school
G - Saturday, October 24, 1998

13. What was a favorite toy you had as you grew up?
C - Barbies, but not in a lame way
B - the cable slide!
S - barbies ( ? )
Cl - That dining room table that you could flip over to have roads and landscape to play on with cars, etc.
V - grass fort
R - Babe
J - It's a toss-up between our basketball hoop and my nintendo.
Ch - Dirt.
G - Omagles

14.  Have you ever cut your own hair?
C - No, unless bangs count
B - nope.  who does that?!
S - yes all the time
Cl - I don't remember ever cutting my own hair, but I'm pretty sure I've seen some pictures with a haircut that cannot possibly be pinned on Dad. Or did you mean as an adult? No way.
V - Yes, with tiny little swiss army knife scissors
R - Yes
J - No
Ch - Yes
G - No. Claire did once, and it was a disaster.

15. How are we going to divide up time holding Claire's baby?
C - I am going to sneak into town.  I am not kidding.
B - arm wrestle for it.
S - 1st come 1st serve
Cl - Pretty sure I'll get my fill.
V - ro sham beaux
R -
J - Not it.
Ch - N/A
G - We will be putting 30 minute time slots up on eBay. Bidding starts at just 99 cents.

16.  Have you grown up enough, or has enough time passed, for you to be convinced to shave your toes?
C - N/A
B - i believe.
S - no why would you
Cl - No comment.
V - What?
R -
J - I shaved my legs once. Once was enough.
Ch - No
G - ?

17.  Is there a color that you find yourself wearing or buying clothes in?
C - I can't resist a blue earring.
B - choc brown
S - blue
Cl - Grey
V - Whatever the universe gives me.
R - Turquoise blue
J - Mostly pink
Ch -
G - Whatever Claire gives me.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

ren faire for darcy's 14th birthday

tim got 4 free tickets from a radio station.  we had so much fun.  next year we will bring everyone and dress up.  we will bring more food, and a blanket and stay all day.  so much to see and drool over. the kids are already saving money.  
 "best birthday ever"-darcy

 we could have spent hundreds of dollars here.
 a cool idea for a door harp.  chimes when someone comes in or knocks.
 eric in heaven.

 these guys were awesome.