Monday, November 30, 2015

I think the blog is slowly drifting off into Facebook and Instagram, but I'm loath to let it go completely. Especially if there's stuff like this to remember:

darcy photo shoot
nature walk at the elem school
dead forest... sssoooo sad.  terrible terrible
picking out a christmas tree with viv and sarah and kids (hal)
beet salad, rach stuffing, lemon/blackberry pie, viv rolls, ham, fancy drinks
staying up late with viv
sarah got sick
blessing baby mae: tim, grandpa, jerry, gordon
claire crying at what she was thankful for and making gordon cry at his
jerry was funny
gwen was fairy queen of the stairs
eric and levi watching stanford play football

beth "i want this pie eaten at my funeral
eric  "why are we even TALKING about your funeral!?"
claire " well?  LOOK at her?!

mae sleeping so soundly on grandpas lap
soccer outside
falling asleep by the fire with eric on the blowup mattress, then being jumped on by hal
watching "girls just wanna have fun" late at night with darcy and syd, sarah, viv, rachel

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dance Party in Ross

Almost as good as that scene in Footloose, wouldn't you say?