Monday, June 24, 2013

Maybe it's time...

Saturday morning, Carrie and I are lounging in my bed, playing with Hal. On the ceiling above the bed are two tiny photos of me. One is from the Young Single Adult ward photo directory (3 years old), and the second from my most recent passport application (from 2.5 years ago). The best way to explain the existence of this "shrine" is to remind you of our penchant for seeing how long something can stay somewhere (e.g. the Christmas ornament we had hanging from our ceiling fan for two years).

Anyway, Theo comes in, and notices the pictures. But at that size, and that far away, it's hard to tell who it is.

"Why are there pictures of Aunt Beth on the ceiling?" Theo asks.

"Um. Because Gordon likes looking at them," is my best answer.

Eyebrows up.

Then in a sing-song voice:

"Gordon likes looking at a GI-RL! Gordon likes looking at a GI-RL!" as he dances out of the room.

I'm really hoping he forgets this whole episode. Otherwise, as he gets older and reflects on this memory, his view of our family could get really complicated.

Monday, June 17, 2013

lost and found

So don't get me wrong I love my sister Carrie and she's coming to visit really soon (yeah!) but every time she dose she leaves things behind for example: clothes (hers and the kids), the airplane toys that are no longer new and exciting, toys in general that make noise, things that wont fit back in the suit case, the nice razor attachments in the bathroom, PETS you get the picture. So normally I don't mind I use the things and their fun but lately one of those discarded toys has found its way to the surface and says the lovely phrase "Thunder cats hooo" which is not necessarily a bad thing I like the Thunder Cats but when the button is held down or pushed repeatedly 10 time you might get a glimpse as to why it was left behind.  As I'm sitting here at my computer and no one else is around I hear from the other room "Thunder Cats Hoooo".  Thanks Carrie.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Board in Auberry

I liked these pics I took with photo booth

Monday, June 10, 2013

on tour in china

so mom had been sending us pictures like this, as an example of her life.

but thanks to a leak, we now have pictures of  what she is REALLY doing in china..

anyone else think that mom looks like a hot rockstar?!