Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Feel like smilin'

“Ooh Rachael you jus make me smile. Even when ah don’ feel like smilin’, ah jus canna help it when ah see you”.

Let me tell you, everyone should make it a life goal to be complimented by a feisty Jamaican lady at least once in their lifetime. It feels fantastic. 

Monday, August 18, 2014


We had a rough 4 days last week, regarding getting Hal to sleep, and to stay asleep. When he finally went to sleep Friday night, without hours of screaming, THEN slept ALL the way through the night, we felt a reward was in order.

A Saturday morning bike ride to Fluffy Donuts in our pajamas, to be specific.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

we are funny

i was going thru old emails and found some classic bits i thought were funny or worth keeping..

i sat with grandpa twice over the few days and he brought up the temple (with rachel) both times. 
i think he was glad he went.
i said, "so you think that will be your last time going?"
he said, "yes!  but come to think of it, i said that last time."

an email of thanks to cousin bryan:
just a follow up...
since the kindle showed up, my 4th grader (eric) has been reading like crazy. i had never been able to get him interested. his reward for reading a book on the kindle, is that i would buy him another one. 
he and i would like to let you know that he has just graduated from the special "reading lab" and is now in a regular reading group with his class!!!

thank you thank you! we love them.
Eric and Beth

ps. he is on his 5th book in 2 days"

Good Morning Beth
Bryan cried when he read your email. He cried again when I told Joy. He cried again when he shared the news with Bernyce, his mother-in-law. He was still emotional when he told me about it. You email will be a Christmas present he remembers for a long time.

vivian in response to a pinterest suggestion from me:
"i have seriously screwed up so many things with mod podge (ok at least 2 things).  i might hate that stuff."

ack.  sorry mom, it won't open on my computer.
will you cut and paste it into an email to me?
that will work.   or at least the part about resisting darkness.
but the whole thing is good too..

carrie's olympic thoughts:

"Theo, on sportsmanship: "If I could punch that guy in the face, would it slow him down enough so the American would win?"

 "Just discovered- Beth would make an AWESOME Olympics announcer.  Particularly with her ability to make things really exciting off the top, and then let you down easy at the end:  "Whoop!  A great performance by xxxx!  What an Olympian! Now of course he didn't have the technical elements of, say, the Russians, and there's no way he's making the finals, but truly, spectacular! What a wonderful experience for him!"  Plus, she would never do those awful in-your-face after the wreck interviews.  heck, i think we should just let Beth judge the Olympics.  "

Why is it that cross country skiing with a gun on your back makes you so much sexier than regular cross country skiers?"

this is how my conversation went with tim this morning..

t - sssooo did you ask me what our direct tv password was last night or was i dreaming?
b- no  i did.  carrie needed it to watch some olympics
t - i log in too from my phone, i wonder if they will call us on that
b- oh!  um, carrie has a .. thing on her phone that makes it think it ... is in the us.
t- a "thing"?   wow.
b- yeah.   a .. um.. magic thing.
t- (mocking me)  does it have sparkles when she logs in and get longer when she lies?
b - (me, pouty) nnnnooo.  she has to lie to log in...  duh.

"i've got an awesome sweater baller in mind. (never thought i'd type that sentence)"


"I was drinking the cold pie water with Gwen and missing you guys."  - vivian

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

jk, lol!

I had just crossed the border into Illinois on a road trip with my roommate Julia when my phone vibrated. I looked at it and saw “Message to Chris Gregory: Can’t send.” That’s so weird, I thought. I haven’t sent a text message to Chris in over a year…why would this pop up now? Has it been trying to send to Thailand all year and just now realized it couldn’t?
Just then, Julia’s phone received a message from me: “Just landed”. Huh. This was a bit more concerning, since I hadn’t had Julia pick me up from the airport recently, and my phone would have had ample opportunity to resend. What was going on here?
My phone soon vibrated again. It was a message from a friend that said “Home where? St Louis?” and then immediately after another friend texted “I think you meant to send that to someone else.”
Oh dear. Ohhh dear oh dear. Obviously, this was not a small, isolated event. I started getting nervous about the possibilities and the scope of the sitation – are people going get messages asking them to meet me somewhere? Teach a RS lesson? Commit me to attending a party? Then Julia raised me to a whole new level of concern when she said, “what if you texted your exes??” I laughed kind of shrilly and just hoped that my phone would have more decency than that.
Not even five minutes later I got a text from a past boyfriend. Who hadn’t spoken more than 5 sentences to me since we broke up. And of all of the things my deranged phone could have sent him, it sent him a text that asked if I wanted to meet up at his house later that evening.
I almost had to pull over to the side of the freeway so I wouldn’t literally die from embarrassment.
Days later I was still getting responses. One from my old bishop who gave me a hard time about forgetting my temple recommend yet again. Another from a friend who was really excited to go to dinner and a movie with me! and I had to awkwardly explain that I didn’t actually mean to send that invitation. I can only imagine what my ex-boyfriend must have thought when I propositioned him out of the blue. Obviously he was quite confused, but good-natured enough laugh it off with me, as were all of the bewildered people that responded to my mis-sent messages. But even though I am certainly embarrassed by those texts I know about, I am even more uncomfortable thinking about all of the texts that I have no idea were even sent. How many people are out there that received a random message from me that made no sense, didn’t respond to clarify, and now just think I’m crazy?

As a precaution, I think I might turn my phone off if I ever cross the Illinois border again.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

some have madness thrust upon them..

jackson - banging his head on the wall and moaning

me- "jack.  what are you doing?"

jack  (wailing) - "i don't know!"

“Some are born mad, some achieve madness, and some have madness thrust upon 'em.” 
― Emilie Autumn