Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Sun Will Come Out...

I have crawled out from under my blankets and suddenly I feel like skipping, and singing, and planting stuff, and writing a blog!

Although, it may have been too soon on that planting stuff part. The warning sign on the tomato plants at the nursery said, "It's too soon!" Our neighbors who stopped by as we were planting on that warm Saturday afternoon said, "It's too soon!" My friend Joann took one look at our little vegetable garden threw her head back and laughed. "It's too soon!" But it was 65 degrees outside, birds were chirping, Chris and Theo had bought 16 tomato plants that were taking up room in the kitchen, and Gregorys are optimists.
It was too soon.

On a more successful note, I was looking at Theo last night and something seemed weird. Finally I realized that I could no longer see his ribs. I ushered him over to the scale and determined that Theo now weighs in the 52nd percentile for boys his age! He's practically robust! After years of languishing somewhere between the 5th and 25th percentiles for weight, 52 warms a mother's heart. "That's some good parenting, that's what that is," said Chris.

Theo had a dream that he had a beloved pet pig. One day he came home from school to find that I had decided to make pork green chile out of it, in order to save myself a trip to the grocery store. Because he really loved his pig, he put the pork green chile in a little bag and carried it around and talked to it. Then he woke up kind of mad at me.

Lucy would like to know if anyone wants her to sing all of the songs in Hamilton? Because she is willing.

Lastly, the tree in my backyard is about to be spectacular.
Happy Spring, Everybody!