Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Act Like A...?

At the end of a photo shoot where we were attempting to get a group photo, somebody called out "Act like a chicken!" Here are the results:

1. Demure Chicken. Also known as "Huh? What's going on? Will there be cake?"

2. Sexy/Snotty Not-A-Chicken

3. Willing, But Not Sure How To Be A Chicken

4. Coy Chicken

5. Seizing Chicken

And last, but not least,

6. Funky Happy Ninja Chicken

Never say the Ashby girls aren't photogenic.

Monday, January 23, 2012

get yourself a muu-muu

if you ever find yourself in need of curtains for a smallish window... look no further than the thrift store..
find a big fat night gown with pretty details on the bottom... cut off the top... cut skirt in half down the sides (one for each side of the window)... fold over the top and sew it... and stick the rod thru... cost you $2 and you don't have to finish the bottom fancy! the big lady dress section is a great place to get cheap fabric.


Lucy: (says something nice about a mediocre dinner)
Me: Thanks, Lucy, for being such a staunch supporter.
Lucy: Well, I'm not really, only compared to Dad.

Friday, January 20, 2012

there is hope for those two.

syd and eric were walking up the driveway, arms linked, cross walking like they do on wizard of oz.
made me happy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

what is it about fire!?

burn days are a trick around here. it has to be good air quality (it looks clean! let's mess it up!), it has to be dry (so stuff will burn), and it has to be not dry (to dangerous in the summer). it was a burn day yesterday and we had just pruned everything (trees, grapes, pomegranate bushes) and had lots of cardboard left over from christmas.

so we called over some friends (read:free labor) and gathered up everything on our property that would burn. the friends showed up with their old christmas tree strapped to their car. when we got it to light, it was HUGE! as it died down after the initial fire ball, the kids were super motivated to run around and get every last scrap. we played, burned marshmallows, talked, and roasted ourselves next to a great fire. around 5:30, they all left.

so THEN, we went inside and made foil wraps. the kids were so happy/excited they were wiggling out of their pants (jack-"we are going to eat from the FIRE!?"). As it got dark, and the coals were glowing, we put our dinner on and talked. it got down to 23* last night, so the fire was awesome. sydney even used a half of a cinderblock, put some coals and fire down the hole, and boiled a pot of water over it (perfect outdoor burner) and made us pasta. there is something really satisfying about watching your kids figure out that kind of stuff.

the food was "there-is-something-black-in-my-dinner,-but-i-am-too-happy-and-hungry-to-care" good, and tim came home just in time to eat his hot off the fire. the stars were incredible and it felt like we had just discovered a secret portal to this little world.

as i drug the kids in to shower and go to bed, they all begged to do it again every night.
i had to point out that they had just burned every scrap of tinder on the whole place.

so in another 3 years, we should have enough brush built up to do it again.

Friday, January 6, 2012

conversations with tim's new iphone

for these to be at their best, please hear a smooth, female, computer voice in your head when you read siri.

siri: what can i help you with?
tim: launch urban spoon app.
siri: ever so sorry, tim, i'm not allowed to do that.
t: why not?
s: i don't know. frankly, i've wondered that myself.
t: you're so hot.
s: thanks. can we get back to work now?

t: where is the avenue restaurant in fresno?
s: i can't find any restaurants in fresno.
t: you are not as helpful as they say in the commercials.
s: (pause) if you say so, tim.

t: thank you, siri.
s: just doing my job.
t: you are wonderful.
s: i bet you say that to all your virtual assistants.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ode to Sarah

You all should wish that Sarah had you this Christmas, because she really came up with some amazing gifts for us, especially for Levi.  Pictured below are two gifts that she MADE.  Super soft fleece pillow cases and a very evil purple cape.  Pretty sweet eh? Thanks sister.