Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer 2015

lets go.. get this stuff down!

1. Carrie throwing the Frisbee for an hour to boys at grandpa's pool
2. "Who invented 'taking turns' anyway..?" - Levi
3.  blindfolded pool noodle fight - carrie and vivian
4.  Claire (and other peanut gallery) coaching Rachel on her "mean face".
5.  RAIN at cousins camp
6 "BETH!  It's happening AGAIN! " - Theo requesting help with his nasty nose
7. Eric heroically finding Darcy's lost flipper in the ocean
8, huge art project - "Pull!"
9. crazy foosball action
10.  great lightning storm and running to get bedding off the trampoline in the rain
11.  Greek myth story told by Lucy with lightning in the background
12.  Rachel VS Carrie spanish-ice cream fight
13. Hugo's walking skills
14. "When I die, I want this car on my gravestone, with the inscription 'Crappy Car' carved under it" - Levi, holding up the car he tried all day to trade away, walking home from the cemetery.
15. Staying up late at Cousins Camp discussing hospitality and quirks.
16. Kids digging tunnel in beach sand
17. "Free sand!?!"
18. Gwen- "You are making a really horrible mistake!" (forcing her into Sarah's car after the museum)
19. Froot Loops flavored potato chips (along with chicken satay, basil)
20. Levi dancing during Busking Day
21. Watching Brad be a dad.
22. Nighttime flashlight adventures with Vivian, Claire, Sarah, Rachel, Gordon and Mom.
23. capture the flag game with rachel, beth/kids, and theo
24. grandma/eric/lucy lunch date
25. lucy bursting into tears when lawrence kids start to talk/wish they were moving
26. jerry's frog talk
27. crazy airbnb camp site with giant yurt, teepee, drum set in awesome granite creek, and neighbors intent on criminal harm with wicked nails. Using kids as minesweepers. Carrie pouring melted butter from the paper grocery bag. Shake-shake-shaking punctured can to eke out tomato soup on our ration of canned beans and bacon.
28. You mean all these books are FREE?!?
29. Teaching the kids how to shoot with dad's scoped pellet gun. Eric hitting a match, Carrie exploding the glass jar for the grand finale.
30. Hal's pronunciation of 'dumptruck'.
31. Beth leaping out of bed at 5:30am to chase a squawking rooster around, catch it, consider killing it but instead stuffing it in a cat carrier in the garage, all so Rachel can get a couple more hours sleep in the backyard.
32. Sending the Gregory kids off on an unaccompanied minor flight
33. Levi's birthday at Skywalk
34. Baptisms at the temple with Mom, Sarah, Rachel, Sydney, Eric
35. Sydney and Eric getting doused by giant wave at Morro Strand. Sydney getting within 10 ft of an otter
36. Theo and Jack eating spicy food at Beth's until Jack eats a red ant and gets bitten on the tongue.
37. Mark Porter's wedding reception- Bry jumps out of a cake
38. Sarah and Lucy go to One Direction concert
39. Levi and Theo get unsupervised playtime, use it to tag carport with spray paint. Viv's head explodes.
40. Dad pays Eric $4 to climb through hole in fence, move dead possum further into neighbor's yard.
circa 2012


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A year in the life

We made it.  We all made it to 1 year old.  Hugo is 1 year old!