Friday, August 24, 2012


Carrie said that because I constructed this shelter in the rain, it is ok that I have pink sparkly toenails.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer of Dreams

 Some memorable quotes:
"Ooh that was so close to awesome"  -Beth
"You guys ever think about the future?" -Vivian
"Hey mom, Colin's at at the end of the road naked" -Sydney
"Attention all units has anyone seen Rachel's pants?"
"I told you the fruit was better in California" -Levi
"Arrrgh, give me some soup" - Pirate Theo
"This is a nice town. Do they have stores? Restaurants? Breakfast places?!"- Theo
Theo singing this popular song with me, in my arms..  "it's fine by me, if you nev-er leave, and we could live like this forever, it's fine by me"

Some Memorable Moments:
Sleeping in the RV
Going to see 1776
Picking blackberries
Night walks
Levi's birthday and dad throwing the kids, smoothie bar
Dunkle vs Ashby volleyball
Back to school shopping
Fencing camp
Out for pizza after swimming
Karaoke night at camp
Campfire outside of moms house
Creating an "endowed chair" at Sierra High
Digging through the rocks in the Davis house backyard, looking for lost superheros
Speed dating at the beach cabin..."Who is your favorite person?"
Gordon made Carrie an authentic 1920's pineapple upside down cake.
Fireworks on the beach
Wishing Chris was still at the 4th of July parade when the belly dancing float came by.
Digging potatoes with the Gregories
Beth cooking food
Treasure hunt at the beach
Chase that Happy - "I like to eat ice cream- right out of the carton!"

Major milestones
Gwen took her first steps at Lake Manzanita
Lucy lost (2?) teeth
Levi turned 5
Lucy swam through an underwater tunnel at Squaw Leap
Colin learned to swim
Theo was the only kid who threw up
Chris ate....well, you know.
The Gregory's sold a house. Carrie only cried a little.

What else??