Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Home hunting

Well I found a place to live! I thought I should document some of the things it took me to get here:

listings Sarah sent me: 43
times my request to see a place was completely ignored: 7

times I was hung up on: 2
people who decided they weren't going to move out after all: 1
times I was scared off by a crazy landlord: 2
days I decided not to go apartment-hunting due to snowstorms: 4
days I decided to go apartment-hunting in spite of snowstorm: 1
hours spent digging my stuck car out of the snow: 1
snow shovels "borrowed" from unsuspecting strangers: 1
times I considered buying a trailer in a trailer park: 2
complexes that lied about having apartments available at the listed price: 4
complexes that smelled like a meth lab*: 2
apartments leased to someone else before they were even available to be viewed: 4
times I thought I might have activated a tripwire: 1
times I accidentally broke into the wrong apartment: 1

aaaand finally,

times I peed in the bathtub of an apartment for rent: 1
It sure has been an adventure!

* I do not know what this smells like.