Friday, January 9, 2015


Theo, up for the day at 2am, working on his Lego project. It's blurry because so was I.

Theo, 16 awake hours later, asleep at the dinner table.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas 2014

What were your favorite moments of 2014 Christmas?  This right here was one of mine. 

1.The moment when it dawned on me that a dance contest could be an incredible addition to the party. 

2. The favorite things dinner (horchata).
(pear gouda dutch baby, raspberry chocolate pancakes, bacon-wrapped shrimp, smoked salmon and caper crackers, beet and goat cheese salad, tater tots, dumplings, mint lemonade, horchata, tacos, cheesy cauliflower, crème brulee, pastries, dark chocolate oreo ice cream, fudgecicles, any others?)

3. My sisters.

Beth: (that sisters pic is great!)

1. having levi hide from his unsuspecting cousins -

2. taking colin to the snow on his birthday.. he was so happy.

3. soccer!
(i'm pretty sure i got a yellow card from dad for txting..)

4. just looking around and seeing people i really loved, talking to other people i really loved.

Most of my top favorites have been covered, but here are some things that should be remembered:

- "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?" - Levi
- "Gordon, recognize who that Santa is?" "Aunt Shirley?" - Claire and Gordon
- We taught the next generation how to play spin the bottle and how to dance for money.
- Pooper Scooper!

Sarah: Breakfast with Dad, sending the kids off to the trailer, and that the cousins are such good friends.

- Decorating that darn Christmas tree.
- Having my kids see Auberry in all of its green glory.
- Baby Hugo's blessing, with the front room just full of love and family surrounding that little guy.
- Driving up and down, up and down Blue Heron Lane with the once blessed, now-cursed baby Hugo and Chris in the middle of the night, talking over life plans while Hugo stared around, curious and silent in the dark.  
- Our first morning at Dad's, snuggling up with Theo on the couch in the cold morning; one of the best cups of hot chocolate I've ever had. Dad in general, in fact.
- Chocolate chip cookie contest. "So you won the kid you feel good about that?"
- The real Gordon Slim-Shady rap.
- Taking Hal to the cousin trailer early in the morning...his delighted response when I opened the door and he saw all of the kids; Eric whipping together the tiny table so we could eat Frosted Flakes in style.
- Riding a chairlift at Sierra Summit with Theo.
- Bacon-wrapped shrimp.