Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Mote in Her Eye.

"It would be super romantic to be blind in both eyes- that would be awesome. But it's just stupid to only be blind in one eye. That would be dumb." -Beth

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

yes we can! (but maybe we shouldn't)

Someone posted on Facebook about needing  donations to cremate her mother-in-law. Evidence #27 that I am a sick, over-eager volunteer, I actually immediately started thinking about different ways we could get that done for her....

Sunday, February 15, 2015

One Week in Bangkok

This week has been a fairly typical one, but it seemed like time for something new on the blog. So, a potpourri of small moments:

- I slapped at a mosquito so hard that I bruised my thumb. It's actually quite sore.

- I made a new friend. She's Thai, which brings my number of Thai friends to 1. She wanted to play Scrabble, which was awkward because it turns out my English is quite good. At first I was going easy on her, but then she played a good word and the gloves came off. I won by 50 points, which I felt bad about in retrospect. I did have the decency not to complain when she kept playing 'R's and 'L's interchangeably, however.

- I logged a LOT of hours playing multi-player Minecraft with the kids. I discovered a cave with an underground river and I punched a sheep.

- I caught on fire at dinner on Valentine's Day. I am not exaggerating here- there were flames.

- I told a new neighbor, about her son: "oh, send him over any time- Theo is ALWAYS looking for someone to play with.."
I should have screened the kid first. Man, can that boy talk. I've made a huge mistake.

- I had a completely serious conversation with a friend at church today comparing the various places to go alligator fishing around Bangkok, just in case Rachel wants to go while she's here. Various people walking by in the hallway paused to offer their opinions. No one was kidding.

What happened to you this week?