Friday, March 30, 2012

It was all wrong

Well you may have heard Beth and I are going on a little trip to NYC to see Newsies, well I had a little dream about it.
So Mom, Beth and I were at the show and we were up in the balcony and we couldn't see very well so Mom and Beth decided that they were just going to go down to the lower half and take unoccupied seats I of corse think this is morally wrong, even thought I hate the seats were in, and I stay put now I can see Mom and Beth and they look like there having so much fun and that its way better down there where they are so I decided I'm going to go down heck with what's right or wrong but just then the lady (authority figure) tells me I need to stay in my seat. I start to cry. I sit there for a while and agin decided to just go down so I just sort of slip past the lady and go find Mom and Beth but now I can see the show is awful I mean really bad they'er singing off key, there's a crazy light show, and I think there was even smoke. I just cried, "I spent all that money on this?" Then I woke up.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

I may complain about Atlanta, but I've never lived anywhere that beats it in the springtime:

Lucy swims in our backyard blossoms.

Don't you love the feel of pollen between your toes?

Sweeping it up by the bucketful.

Our street.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mind Your Own Business, Chloe!

Chris is gone and I have been staying up late. Way late. Too late. In the order of 3:30 am late, mostly because I'm snuggled up in bed watching Netflix on my iPad. It is heavenly.

Yesterday morning, hungover and regretful, Morning Carrie called Claire and requested an intervention. "Call me tonight at midnight and tell me to go to bed! I mean it!"

The only problem is that by midnight, Nighttime Carrie is back, and when my phone hadn't rung by 12:14am, I was gleeful. "haHA! Claire forgot! No conscience for me! The night is young! Vampire Diaries until dawn!"... and then my Netflix cut out. Loading...loading...loading...loading...I'm sorry, your service is currently unavailable.

What else could I do? I went to bed.

I hate Chloe.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

something happy and something sad

this is happy. it is the crack in the dirt that only a potato plant surfacing can make. it is so exciting. you can't see the plant, but the dirt is pushed up almost a full inch. like a mini earthquake. no other plant makes quite the same dramatic entrance. that crack makes me crazy happy.

then it looks like this:

and this is sad. this is not good.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Maybe Chloe should do my taxes.

Picture me, at the Post Office, with people in line behind me, realizing that I have the address, but not the name, of our accountant, and I really, really need to actually mail off our tax info TODAY...

Ring Ring
Claire: Hi, NPB, Claire speaking.
Me: Chloe? You have a second?
Chloe: Of course
Me: I need to know the name of the lady who did our taxes last year, maybe you could search my gmail under..
Chloe, cutting me off, literally with NO pause, no sound of typing: Her name is Jane Shea.

I'm not kidding. The entire call length, as documented by my phone, 18 seconds. That girl is amazing.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

She Didn't Get It From Me

Amount Lucy spent to buy 6 chocolate-covered doughnuts: $2.49 ($0.40/each)

Cost of advertising (letting them sit on the counter where I'm working around them all day): $0.00

Amount I've paid Lucy each of the last 2 days for a chocolate-covered doughnut: $1.00

Profit: 150%