Friday, March 29, 2013

Ode to Not Planning Ahead

Once upon a time Carrie went skiing and forgot Lucy's ski jacket.  To rescue the trip, she had to buy one from the lodge.  Little did she know how her lack of planning would one day save Levi's life.   

December 2010- Levi appears on the scene stylish and uninsulated.
February 2011- After a package from Carrie, conditions are much improved
February 2012 - making friends with Old Man Winter

March 2013 - The jacket continues to impress

March 2013 - 3 years later, and spring is coming... could this be the end of an era?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

spring camping for eric's birthday!

it was the perfect weather- green and beautiful.  camping on grass is great!  tim and grandpa came down and ate with us.  sarah made us an awesome breakfast.  cozy fire and no neighbor campers.  
we will do this again.

eric showing off his roasting skilz

remember this?

viv, you were right about a track.. around and around and around..

Monday, March 18, 2013

two thoughts

1.  i used to whine about cutting the grass. i had a riding mower.  a nice one.   then one day i got it stuck in the mud and the engine exploded.  it is VERY useless now.   and the prospect of cutting weeds on 2 1/2 acres with only my weed eater and a pair of scissors made me tired.  so just as the weeds were reaching the window and i could no longer see the kids when they played in the front, we were given a push mower.. FOR FREE!!  and i have never been so glad to have sore tricepts in my life.

2.  at my dentist, after a 6 mo checkup and cleaning, the smiley front desk woman hands me a postcard.  i  put my address on there and she files it away to send to me, reminding me it is time to come in again.  so essentially, i mail Future Beth a card every six months.   it started out as a little tiny smiley face on the card, the n when i got it in the mail, it made me giggle, like i had just pulled off a prank.  then i started writing notes to my future self - "any super powers yet?" and "how long did that exercise plan last this time?  -  and "how did that big cub scout dinner go?".   it is kinds fun!

what shall i write to myself next time?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

From Mom

Does it strike anyone else as surreal that our Mom lives in China?  Here's a recent note from her:

"What a difference from the beginning of last semester! I now know how to get to all my classes and more importantly, how to get home! I have several lesson plans ready to go and I know about what it takes to fill a 2-hour block. I know where the bank is and there's money in my account. I know where the cute guy lives who makes all our copies for us. And he said "Hi, I missed you" when I showed up today. I know where to buy fruit close by, where to buy vegetables. I know with the store on the 1st floor we'll never go hungry. We can buy bread and butter, milk and eggs, cheese and snacks. When I go on a trip, my apartment feels like home. I know my neighbors. I breathe deeply a little more often. My dreams are not all about teaching.  Life is definitely better!"