Thursday, June 29, 2017

Remix aftermath

I thought this should be shared.

After Sydney sent out the Hal Remix, Hal commandeered my phone to listen to it over and over again. Sometimes, his fingers would hit things they shouldn't, and he'd lose the video. And he'd desperately try to get it back by talking to the phone.

Luckily, he would click on the microphone icon, which would then transcribe some of his pleas. (Some emphasis added)

that's not working 
you're not working
so that's so I think you're having a hard time 
and I think you're running out of battery 
and I still want to watch that show sydney sending me 
you're not working are you 
maybe I should go back where I work 
okay I was going to do 
okay me okay I mean robot okay 

okay okay okay baby 
why go back for you okay 
funny send me games okay go back to sydney's
go back where you were please 
the song sings it please 
go back where you won't let me send rap song about stuff made out of grass 
please right now please do that right now please do that 
go back to that song please please go back where you were 
the song shimmy scented (Sydney sent)
please do that one now back

Not you again 
not you again but I don't like it 
I want to sing that song!

Hahaha. Poor kid.


  1. Sorry. Just seeing this now.
    I feel so sorry for him. Must have been so frustrating for him!

  2. Oh man. Poor Hal and his relationships with machines. First Siri/Hal 9000 and now this. It's kind of heartbreaking...but he's so determined.