Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Eric Comes To Town

Eric came to visit, and had some adventures:

- He got on the roof
- He licked a couch
- He used my leaf blower
- He sat in the hot tub. Twice.
- He herded chickens
- He did a puzzle
- He ate buffalo
- He was nice to our cats, even the dumb one
- He offered Theo a penny to climb into the movie theater fountain, but he didn't pay up
- He got my kids hooked on The Flash
- He went through a car wash
- He followed the maps I drew for him and never got lost
- He won Settlers of Catan
- He rode a bike to the library
- He and Theo got mauled by a dog and then Theo drank beer
- He helped me put things on high shelves
- He went to a hipster coffee shop
- He didn't get up too early
- He ate tamales from the farmers market
- He helped Lucy babysit Theo overnight all by themselves and he wasn't even scared
- He went on a very steep hike

- He made his bed when he left

I would definitely have him come to stay again.


  1. And mine craft. Lots and lots of mine craft.

  2. Sounds like a pretty good time.