Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Halloween that knew no limits

 Did someone say they wanted more pictures of the insanity that was this year's halloween? Here you go!

Hugo: Self-driving Google Techie
Best parts: Glow sticks on the door that light up, mini license plate, taking it to Google X and seeing everyone get a good laugh

Me:French Knight
Best part: Kids reading the script to get candy, knowing my french accent was just about at bad as John Cleese's bad accent, watching the recognition register on people's faces
Gwen: Mermaid
Best Parts: removeable tail fin, the look on her face when she first saw herself with hair extensions, how I'm worried that crown will give away how much free time I have on my hands

Levi: Ant Man
Best Parts: Clickable shrink button made from a flashlight button, removeable face shield, peanut butter jar lid ear pieces, Levi saying "this is EPIC!" whenever we would finish a part


  1. This is really amazing. What fun.

  2. - how can that car be so cute?
    - can Hugo be Clark Kent next year?
    - I had not fully appreciated the glory that is that crown. Is it so heavy?
    -How does gwen'so hair color match so precisely? I want hair extensions!
    - My favorite part of antman is the floss packets. I also really like the action shots.

  3. next year everyone should just be ghosts. :)